LA, the southern version

I’ll get this.

I type,  to my father, through blurry vision as my eyes are ready to pour over like a fizzy coke.

I repeat it out loud before I send this. The tears are there. They’re hot on my red puffy cheeks. Reassurance Katie. Just reassure yourself. All things are possible as long as you can believe in yourself.

Stepping out of the comfort zone, I moved on. I relocate to another state, without a job. Surprisingly my parents are by my side. Are they sad to see me go? Of course. Are you sad when you’re eating your tenth McNugget? Damn right. Well probably not all of you. Any chicken nugget lover would be. 🙃 ha. Back to the point.

Im here. And I did it.

Well, so far I have done it. Updates to come. Not all of them will be positive, will keep the negatives to myself. For now I will continue to work on my story telling skills and prayers. All with the big picture in my head.

For those who believe with me, I love you. For those that wish me the best. I thank you.


Katie Easter.


Lindenwood Construction Update

Chicken in the Cafeteria

While students have time away from campus this summer, renovations of the Spellmann cafeteria, Evans cafeteria, and Library are almost complete.

Before the end of the spring semester in 2016, anouncements were made that Chic-fil-a, Q-Doba, and Caribou Coffee were coming to campus.  It was also announced that a new library would be built.  Basil Onyia, a current student is looking forward to the new library.  Onyia said, “This new library will be 24/7, which is good for students who want to study later.  Also this library will be more online based, so it will have more resources.”

Lindenwood University before the new library, offered two places for students to study, Spellmann, and the library.  Spellmann lab closes at midnight, and the current library, Butler Library, closes at 2am.

Onyia said,”I usually stay up late studying, and I don’t like studying in my room, because there are too many distractions and I end up falling asleep.”

With the new library students will be able to study in a quiet environment at any time.

Besides for new studying hours, students are also coming to new food.  Doug Sanford, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Pedestal Foods,  said,”We felt it was necessary to see what the students wanted.  We sent out one survey to find out what students wanted, the students wanted brands, so then we sent out another survey to ask what brands.  Chic-fil-a was a common answer.”

Sanford also said,” Planning started in the Fall, and construction started in May.”

Spellmann cafeteria is where the new retail food brands will be located.  Evans was previously set up as a retail style cafeteria, however as Sanford explains, ” What you had in Spellmann was an all you care eat, were swapping them.  Its the size of the location and the availability to the students. It was felt that this [Spellmann] is more conducive to a retail environment than Evans.”

The fall semester of 2016 starts August 22, renovations of both cafeterias will be complete.

Fort Zumwalt School Board Makes Tough Decision

Fort Zumwalt School Board had to decide whether or not to give teachers a raise, and hire more teachers, without the increase in revenue from the county.

April 27, 2015

St. Charles County

Teachers in the Fort Zumwalt School District will be receiving a 2.73%  raise starting in July.  Even after the recent tax proposition, failed.

The original tax proposition was to increase property tax by 48 cents per $100 in the area.  The district would have used the money to hire up to 35 new teachers in different areas.  One area would have been in the technology field.

The board also voted to add 19 teachers throughout the district, 15 of those teachers will be added to the special education department because of federal requirements dealing with caseloads.

Renee Porter was the only board member out of 7 to have voted no to hiring new teachers.  Porter said she wanted to know more about the funding for the teachers,  ”Without the tax increases, I would have like to seen a little more information of how were going to pay for those positions.” said Renee Porter.

Porter added,”I would have very much liked to see the tax increase to have passed.  it would have put us more on a level ground with the other districts, and then we would have operating revenue to hire positions that we need and continue to improve the district.”

One voter in the community, Amanda Thomason said, “Any opportunity to give a teacher an increase in salary is worthwhile, a teacher is definitely to give a teacher the most underpaid professions out there, any slight increase is worth it.”

Since the tax increase was denied, the district will have to find money in other places.  The Superintendent, Bernard Dubray explained how they will afford the new positions, “We reduced some of the positions, including supporting staff.   New teachers will allow us to add students, and some to come back into the district.”

The Fort Zumwalt School Board will try to inform the public better  in the future.  The tax proposition will appear again on a ballot

The Tax Proposition is not the only item the school district put on the ballot. Fort Zumwalt school district asked for a $25 million bond issue for maintenance and repairs.  The bond issue passed.

The salary increase and employment of new teachers will take place July 15.  The Fort Zumwalt School District Board meets the third Monday of each month in the district building on E. Terra Lane.

I can smell the finals being printed 



We come In Monday to see written on the board “only 6 newscast left! #startpanicking”   All I can think is where did this semester go! Weeks have went by and I am always busy. I feel bad for everyone that I love because I feel like I haven’t been paying any attention to them. I have had to cancel plans because of things I needed to record edit or write.

I did love this semester though. I felt like I knew a lot of what we learned but it was great experience.  After each thing I would shoot, write, or edit, I would be given feedback.  The feedback wasn’t always positive but it did really help.  We all need to hear what we can do better for next time.  When I would go back into the field I would remember the criticism and make the changes to my work.  I believe I have personally improved over this semester.

I only have two more weeks left, but work to do during each of those.  I wish that I could say I was pretty much finished and ready to wrap up the semester, but unfortunately, I have to complete more footage.  These last two weeks are going to fly by quicker than the entire semester im sure.

lessons learned

Over the last semester I have learned a few new things.  I learned to always plan interviews, packages, and field work ahead of time.  I have learned to come to class with everything you need so that you can jump right into writing and editing.  I actually have found this semester that writing scripts before class makes your life way easier and not as stressful.  Often times I found myself in the lab listening and writing my scripts before the day of the newscast my footage was airing on.

Hopefully the connections I made will help me with my future.  For the summer I plan to work an internship and make more connections along with getting the experience I need to land a job.

The last two weeks have been pretty packed with trying to plan out what I need to get done.  I have worked on I believe two packages, and two VO-SOTs.  I may still need another package, and another VO-SOT.  Honestly the rest of the work I kind of have been barely getting to because I have spent so much time getting the packages out-of-the-way.

the past week

On Wednesday I had a VO-SOT about the Greater St. Louis book fair and a package about Fort Zumwalt School district.  Both of these got done in one day, which I ill say I am very proud of myself.  The package was finalized by 2:30 and was sent over by 2:45.  The VO-SOT was completely last-minute, and I am still shocked that it made it.  I didn’t get to actually start editing the VO-SOT until 2:50.  The VO-SOT made it online to airspeed two minutes before they aired the story.  It was such a relief to watch my work make it on, look good, and air.  Except Wednesdays newscast had a few complications.  The deko drive was screwing up, and we could not have dekos in our stories.  This made the newscast look very plain.  The no graphics actually sadden me a little bit, because I had a lot of important people with titles in my stories.  I also had a lot of graphics that I had to make for the stories.  Our instructors gave us options on what to with the situation one of which was reboot the system for twenty minutes, which meant nothing could take place.  I tried not to make a big deal of it, but I did.  I knew I had a lot to work on, and I didn’t want to stop working on my stories for the day, I knew with the delay on the system my stories would never have made it.


Flight Delayed

I was actually delaying this blog post because I wanted to share my package, however since the deko problem nobodies packages are uploaded online.  They are working on adding in dekos to the packages now, hopefully I will be able to post my package online later.  Apologies for the delay.


Attitude in the studio!

Lose the ‘tude dude!

LUTV Blog Log #5

The last blog posted you’ll see the story I have been working on since last week.  The donation was made over the weekend of Easter.  Of course, I was not able to get to the story until late last week.  Hence the fact that it finally aired on Monday.  Story below

My hair in this video is crazy, and I had just finished styling it.

Guys im really tired.  On my way to class the other morning I stopped in the coffee shop, and overheard maybe five conversations.  Each went the same, “Im really stressed”.  On Wednesday I came into the newsroom planning to write my story for our website, but I came to find out I had mis-pronounced a name in the story and had to re-shoot the package.  Talk about a stressful morning.

I sat down and asked, why can I not find my story online, is it not online yet?  Then I was quickly put down with, my wrong pronunciation was an embarrassment to the station.  Ok, Cool.  I feel now, that my work was late and crappy.

Even though the event was stressful, and my package does not look the way I wanted it to, I am thankful my directors caught my mistake and allowed me to correct it.

Actually I’m just kidding, I wish the mistake would have been caught early Monday so I could have fixed it much quicker.

Also this mistake has taught me to follow-up with sources better.  To fix things like this for myself, I should prepare myself.  A simple call to the company before ever shooting any footage may have prevented a painful headache.

Im such a perfectionist, but I love help.  Here recently I have been getting antsy about people setting up my shots for me.  I just worry that they’re screwing it up and really don’t know what they’re doing.  I would rather I set the camera up wrong.

My work from this semester, has to be perfect.  I feel that my future depends on this work I am doing.

ripping my hair out

This semester, like any semester is exhausting.  Im just trying to figure out where I am going to live and intern at for the summer, while needing to shoot, write, and edit a story or VO-SOT every week.  On top of that I have other classes that are demanding homework, quizzes, and tests.

I tweeted earlier,

I am a woman who wears many hats, I am a strong woman.

I just feel that sometimes you have to motivate yourself, and inspire yourself.  You are your biggest enemy, but sometimes, you need to be friendlier to yourself.

One Packed Bag

To wrap things up, be looking out for an interview on Mondays newscast I shot today.  A lady named Linda Bentley, is writing a book titled “One Packed Bag”.  Her website here.  Bentley is from Australia, she came to america for 50 weeks, to visit all 50 states, carrying only one bag.  Today she came to LU to share some of her experience and answer questions.  She listed St. Charles as one of her favorite towns.  Very great presentation, and awesome woman to interview.

Will later post the interview! Check back!

Also leave a comment, tell me what you think, how you think I could improve, or what I should do differently.


Pretty on fleek!


Ms. serious lead anchor on Monday!


Wednesday’s newscast


Devin was beyond happy when the director yelled that’s a wrap. Devin had his suit off in a minute.

School of Science Receive’s large Donation from Local Company

School of Science at Lindenwood University Received a large Donation from Sigma-Aldrich. 

Written from LUTV story for Lindenlink.

By Katie Easter

A $576,000.00 donation in equipment and chemicals has come to Lindenwood’s School of Science.
Chad Welsh, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, wrote to Sigma-Aldrich asking if they would donate old equipment and unwanted chemicals to the university.
The large donation will benefit the School of Science and students in a variety of ways.

“Sigma-Aldrich’s generous donation will allow for greater diversity of labs and enrich students in many areas of study, from cell signaling to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy,” said Welsh. “These resources will help boost the rate of learning at Lindenwood University, and as we create programs to partner with local consortiums and high schools, the community will also benefit from the inventory.”

In return of the donation, a lab will be renamed.  Jessica Gatewood, director of corporate relations for Lindenwood said,  “In appreciation of the generous gift, Lindenwood will rename the biology research lab in Young Hall after Sigma-Aldrich, we are thrilled about the meaningful and long-term impact Sigma-Aldrich’s donation will have in enhancing students and educators in the labs.”

The donation from Sigma-Aldrich  will not only be benefiting Lindenwood students, the donation will also benefit the community, Ricardo Delgado, the dean of science, told us how they plan to share the wealth.

“So were looking at donating some of the materials to those high schools so that those students could really learn how to use the materials that we use at the college level in their classrooms,” said Delgado.

Lindenwood University offers early college start courses at many high schools in the area.  Some of the highs schools are not able to afford materials.

The equipment and chemicals came from labs that are being shut down.  Sigma-Aldrich would normally have to dispose of  the products at a costly price.  A biology student, Gabriel Romero,  recalled a time when new equipment would have been handy during a lab.

“We had these spectrometers we were supposed to use, we had six of them, but only two actually worked so we spent half the class taking turns trying to make these old spectrometers work,” said Romero.

The department has already received many chemicals.  Jennifer Firestine expressed who uses the materials.

“We have chemicals available now for use all the way through concepts, all the way through senior level chemistry classes for research for lots of different things that we weren’t able to do in the past,” said Firestine

Lab fees will stay the same for students, but the donation will allow the school of science to use the money on other necessary equipment.

Sigma-Aldrich operates in 37 countries with a corporate headquarters in St. Louis.  They manufacture and distribute chemicals, bio chemicals and other essential products for research.

This is the new age, baby.




We all pretty much have them at this point, that sleek shiny brick-like device that stays in your back pocket or hand most of the day.  Yeah your smart phone.  For years now, they have had cameras on them.  These devices, along with their cameras are just getting better and better.  What else is getting better about these devices? More witnesses are recording footage of events that are happening.  These videos are either being used for evidence, or a news story.

Smart phones and video footage are not strange to reporters, nor are they new.  With more cases like Ferguson, Michael Brown shooting, reporters are having raw footage for the story from a witness.  This month a cop shot a man in South Carolina.  David Uberti wrote for the Columbian Journalism review, how a smart phone captured the story.  When the local story first published, it was identified that a cop shot a man after an altercation, later the video from a man’s phone was released, the story completely changed.

Below is a video of the story, along with the video a man shot using his camera phone.

Journalist need to read this article for more context on how smart phone videos have been changing the game.  We all see videos from phones on almost every newscast now.  Either a fight, a fire, a car crash, a robbery anything.  We may be able to work with the public more in the future for better quality of these videos.


Paul Bradshaw shared a helpful hint on a blog recently, he wrote, 11 charts that illustrate how you can use twittercounter to check your impact on social media as a journalist.


Of course, not everyone is using twitter, and that may be an issue.  Twitter and other social media platforms is where almost everybody is.  It may be a downfall that we are in this generation now, but that is how we journalist need to connect with our audience.  I personally know plenty of people who follow anchors and reporters from their local stations.  This connection makes them feel as if they have a say in something.  Viewers will not only use social media to keep up to date on what is going on; however they can also use it as a tool to contact their local reporters and bring up an issue.

It’s important for journalist to stay connected with their viewers in this way.  Bradshaw wrote in his blog, ways that he has been observing to get more followers.

Besides for using twittercounter to track how were doing with our followers, twitter’s own analytics will show what tweet has had the most impact on the account.  Things such as this are important for young journalist starting out to recognize.  Older journalist caught on this to trend, as we should too.

By the way, follow me on twitter! I will follow back.

A New Position

LUTV Blog Log #4

You’re on the edge of seat, you watch the clock as it ticks, and each minute is a minute closer to air time.  Will everything be done? Will everything be right?  Monday March 23, 2015, for the first time I produced the news.  This job has a lot of duties, and sounds very stressful.  I cannot laugh and say it was a breeze, because I will admit I was stressing.  At the end of the day though, I realized being the producer was not that bad.  I went through the day relaxed so that I would not mess something up.  The news aired at 3 PM and I was proud.  The newscast had plenty of content including, graphics, VO-SOTS, and a package or two.  Everyone did their part and they did well.

The most stressful part of the job was the hour before the newscast went live.  I met with the director of the show, who found a few errors in the run-down.  One error was my bad, as I had not yet done one last thing.  Luckily since he caught I fixed it real quick.  Here at LUTV, the newsroom is in a separate building than the studio.  Which means the way our servers are connected is important.  Before the newscast can go on successfully, everything has to be in correct folders and sent over properly.  The director had found two graphics that were coming up as a black hole over in the studio.  This was an aggravation for me, because as he explained, those who made the graphics earlier, did not save an image to both of the proper folders.  As he was spitting many comments in my ear, I couldn’t even take notes on what needed to be fixed, I had to have them fixed.  The best part about it though, was that there were a few other students still here that helped me fix those last-minute errors.

Float like a boat

In the previous weeks all my work has always made it to airspeed last-minute.  On Monday while I produced, I had to float two stories.  I hated to do it, but both stories were nowhere near ready for air.  Neither reported did not care that their story was being floated, they both had told me to do it.


Monday went well, Producing is not the career I’m shooting for, but it’s not something I would ever say no to.  For the most part my entire semester has been going well.  Nobody understands when I try to tell them I do not actually go to class, instead I come to work at 9:30 AM.  Either I have a story to work on, something to write, go shoot for something.  Anything and everything I need to do to help the newscast be ready and go live at 3 PM, I will do. The down fall to this semester is that I lose track of days, and sometimes weekends.  They say time flies when you’re having fun, well, in grown-up world, time flies when you’re working hard.

You probably have not been watching our newscast, which is fine, but if you are interested, we air live Monday’s and Wednesdays at 3 PM.  If you are reading this from somewhere not considered local, we stream online.  Please feel free to check us out!  Also stories that went on air can be found on our YouTube channel.

package from March 2, 2015 3 PM Newscast

Going to the Boys and Girls club of greater St. Louis was a treat.  Although I had to go on a Friday, it was cool to meet people who work towards a better community, and enjoy doing it.  While I was there, the communications director had told me she went to Mizzou.  Her original goal was to be a meteorologist. 

package from March 16, 2015 3 PM Newscast

Working on a Saturday is never fun…

However getting footage of the St. Patrick’s Day was a blast!  Even though I had to travel downtown by myself, and carry a bulky camera bag, I enjoyed the events. The day this package aired, I was scared that it would not go through.  Avid had worked with me all day, meaning it actually was working correctly.  Avid just stopped working an hour before our newscast.

The newscast aired at 3, I was still in the newsroom trying to send it off.  I had gotten so panicked that I left my story to someone else in the room and told them to make sure it was sent over.  I got to the studio at 3:07 that day, my package aired at 3:20.  Craziest work day yet.   

The best part of my semester, is this is only part of my journey.  I keep meeting people with advice, I listen to their stories.  Each story, every interview, and every idea is just a piece of the bigger picture.  I am just a student, every mistake is another lesson.   


Snap Chat feed!


Anchor Joe Fritz along with Co-anchor Susie Evans

As for you…


your relationship, is your business.

At this day and age I have been observing some things that are bothering me.  I am not a relationship guru, nor am I a psychology major.  I am simply a female who can decode other females from experience and observation.  some females are better at mind games than others.  After a friend has come to me with a problem, I felt the need to write about it.  There is no need for me to explain my writing, what she has found herself going through, can easily be understood by reading this.  


You may think she has an advantage over you.  She may think she has an advantage over you.  The truth, she does not.  Something was not working out with them, so that is why there is no them.  As you said to me, she broke up with him.   She is going to try to get back what she gave up as she sees him move on with his life.  


As she will try to ruin the relationship that you have with him, she will just ruin the relationship she has left with him.  Let the craziness take its course.  Stay calm.  Be the girl who originally attracted him.  Do not stoop down to her level.  You think he likes that some girl who broke his heart keeps calling him. You think he likes that this girl keeps tweeting about him.  You think he likes that this girl is telling her friends to start stuff with you.  People do not like the drama.   Guys think girls like this are not worth their time.  Save the craziness for marriage.

The same boat 

I may have said you and I are in the same boat, but I am not sure that we are.  At this point, I do not continue to carry the same fear that you do.  Instead, I carry a feeling of sorrow.  I am sorry that you have to go through this.  I am sorry, she feels this way about the two of you.  In the end, you do not need to go through this.  Do not go through crazy high school drama, because girl, you already graduated.

You may want to stay and fight.  Showing her, you have him now.  I can tell you, you will drive yourself crazy; you may be a stronger fighter than I am, but I still say do not do it.  He is not worth it.  Your sanity is worth more than her petty drama.  She will think she is being cute, and winning, by staging things to get his, and your attention.  You will try to find if her lies are the truth.  To go through this, you will need to get to know him and have a strong amount of trust.

Keep in mind, her goal is for you to leave him.  That is the fight.  That is the win.  You have him, she does not want you to be with him.  Do not give into her fight.  you have what she does not.  She wants you to think otherwise. 

If things get too rough and she causes too much to your well-being, leave.  Break things off with him.  Go get a massage, get your hair done, buy some new heels, and go dance.   He will more than likely become angry with her that she caused harm to his new relationship. This will more than likely be the end of them completely.  As she will realize wow I was stupid, as for you, you will realize how smart you were.  The drama and problems she causes for you, will cause more problems for them.

Even if he does decide yeah, my past is much better than my present, let him go.

People cannot just decide I do not want to be in a relationship with you, but now since somebody else does want you, I want you.  In the end, she does not really want him.  She just does not want anyone to have his attention.  She does not understand why he is suddenly going after you and not her. She wants to play games.  You cannot play games at this age.  You have grown, passing that time.  Be the bigger person.  Be mature.


Practicing what you preach is always the hardest part.  This is not a game of who wins.  Some girls make it out to be, but as I stated, we graduated high school.  The games are over.  This is real.  She will try to make it seem as if it is a competition, when in reality it is not.  If you do decide to stick with him and give him the attention that he gives you, focus on one thing.

She can go talk about you, call him, or try to hang out with him, but at the end of the day, with whom does he spend his time.  Focus on your future.  If he does want her, he will go to her.  Nothing that you can do will change it.  Focus on your future.  What do you want? Where do you see yourself? What do you need to do to get there?

Lay Low

I am not saying that you cannot update the world of your relationship on social media, but you should not.  Do not keep the world updated how things are going, and keep your post to private.  The last thing you need is her Facebook stalking you to find out when you were last with him and how things are going.  If you do not update her on your relationship via social media, she may just go crazy in her own thoughts.  Give her the time to heal.  She may have broken up with him, but nobody wants to see their past loving their future.  Cherish the time and attention he gives you.  Let him see that you truly are better than she is, and that real women do not act like that.

Boys come and go; there are things that are more important than he is.  When the time comes that you do break up, let him go.  Do not try to stay friends; do not care about his next relationship.  Move on.  Go make new friends, go explore, and start dating someone else.  Maybe you will sit back and think wow I miss him, he was so good to me, but I want somebody else.  Do not try to hold on to him and keep something going while you are trying to date somebody or while he is dating somebody.  If she puts you through all this, from my observation, she will, remember how it felt.  Do not make another girl go through this as well.

I hope this helps,

Katie Easter



Different day, same problems.

Have you ever heard of that saying? Of course, you have.  I may have skipped a week of blogging about my experience, but that is ok, I needed time to have more to talk about.   I am now nearing week 8 of my semester. Things are so far going good. Monday’s and Wednesday’s fly by. I come into the newsroom in the morning and get an assignment, or story, quickly I on start on what I need to do. The hours fly by as I edit, shoot video, and write scripts. Once two o clock comes around, I do not even know where my day went. After the deadlines are met, I head over to the newscast. I realize how much I actually enjoy the work; I became proud of what my classmates and I have done all day.

I am already seeing the negatives to this career.

Working in the newsroom really means you have a lot of work all the time. Stories do not just happen at specific times. So when the news is happening. You have to be there to get the story.
Honestly, it rather sucks, but if I wanted a set schedule, I can go find something else. The worst part about this schedule stuff is that work really does follow me to the weekend. Nobody wants their work to follow them into the weekend. This Saturday I will be down town St. Louis getting a story for Monday’s news. I may be giving up my Saturday, but I do not see it as that. Right now studying and learning this career is all I am doing. Therefore, this super semester is my job. Working on a Saturday, at age 20, is common.
A problem I have been having with the super semester is that I am a small female and carrying camera equipment by myself is annoying.  On Saturday, when I plan to travel for a story, I will be carrying equipment myself.  It is not a big struggle; however, it would be better if I could have a better way to carry it.

15 minutes of fame

This week I was fortunate enough to anchor.  On Monday, I anchored with Andrew, and for Wednesday, Susie was the lead.  We each had a positive experience anchoring, or as it appeared, we did.  I did however ask that the floor director make cues more fluent and noticeable.

The next few weeks, I will be back as a busy bee.  Next week I am to report a current event, and I believe the next week I will be the producer.  Being the producer seems like something I am going to stress over, but I am going to try my best not to.  Since I am just learning all of this, mistakes are ok.  I have to remind myself that the show will go on, even if I mess up.  If I slip and mess up somewhere, I am fortunate enough to have teachers there to guide me through it.

Susie and I at the desk on Wednesday

Susie and I at the desk on Wednesday

newsdesk 031115

Reading over the copy before we went live!

news desk wednesday

Wednesday was the first day that we ad-libbed the entire weather toss. Susie, Joe, and I

andrew and i

Andrew and I looked spiffy!