In a timely matter

And here comes the over-thinker anxiety side of me…
If you could find the time for me.
If you could cheer me on.
If you could care about what I’m doing.

I will not sit here and compare what you do for me, to what I do for you.
I will sit here and wish there was more of an effort from your side.
When you are with someone, it means a lot when they support you in a sport, or job. I may not compete or train everyday living my life as a sport. Though I do live my life working towards my future career. For some reason it feels good seeing your baby in the side lines cheering right? You can do that too.
The worst part is, I have this feeling when you haven’t been around me that I all I want to do is be around you. If you don’t feel the same way, then I guess my absence hasn’t been long enough.

Oh she’s just writing that and feeling like that because she’s hormonal. I feel like I get emotional at my period because all these feelings and thoughts build up over the month. Then when my period comes they just explode out.
as a mouse🐢
I will sit here and be quiet. I will line my lips and keep them shut. Just remember, I am here for you. That was me in the stands cheering your name as you went thinking you were doing terribly bad.

Do I have a different idea of what a relationship is?



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