Different day, same problems.

Have you ever heard of that saying? Of course, you have.  I may have skipped a week of blogging about my experience, but that is ok, I needed time to have more to talk about.   I am now nearing week 8 of my semester. Things are so far going good. Monday’s and Wednesday’s fly by. I come into the newsroom in the morning and get an assignment, or story, quickly I on start on what I need to do. The hours fly by as I edit, shoot video, and write scripts. Once two o clock comes around, I do not even know where my day went. After the deadlines are met, I head over to the newscast. I realize how much I actually enjoy the work; I became proud of what my classmates and I have done all day.

I am already seeing the negatives to this career.

Working in the newsroom really means you have a lot of work all the time. Stories do not just happen at specific times. So when the news is happening. You have to be there to get the story.
Honestly, it rather sucks, but if I wanted a set schedule, I can go find something else. The worst part about this schedule stuff is that work really does follow me to the weekend. Nobody wants their work to follow them into the weekend. This Saturday I will be down town St. Louis getting a story for Monday’s news. I may be giving up my Saturday, but I do not see it as that. Right now studying and learning this career is all I am doing. Therefore, this super semester is my job. Working on a Saturday, at age 20, is common.
A problem I have been having with the super semester is that I am a small female and carrying camera equipment by myself is annoying.  On Saturday, when I plan to travel for a story, I will be carrying equipment myself.  It is not a big struggle; however, it would be better if I could have a better way to carry it.

15 minutes of fame

This week I was fortunate enough to anchor.  On Monday, I anchored with Andrew, and for Wednesday, Susie was the lead.  We each had a positive experience anchoring, or as it appeared, we did.  I did however ask that the floor director make cues more fluent and noticeable.

The next few weeks, I will be back as a busy bee.  Next week I am to report a current event, and I believe the next week I will be the producer.  Being the producer seems like something I am going to stress over, but I am going to try my best not to.  Since I am just learning all of this, mistakes are ok.  I have to remind myself that the show will go on, even if I mess up.  If I slip and mess up somewhere, I am fortunate enough to have teachers there to guide me through it.

Susie and I at the desk on Wednesday

Susie and I at the desk on Wednesday

newsdesk 031115

Reading over the copy before we went live!

news desk wednesday

Wednesday was the first day that we ad-libbed the entire weather toss. Susie, Joe, and I

andrew and i

Andrew and I looked spiffy!


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