A New Position

LUTV Blog Log #4

You’re on the edge of seat, you watch the clock as it ticks, and each minute is a minute closer to air time.  Will everything be done? Will everything be right?  Monday March 23, 2015, for the first time I produced the news.  This job has a lot of duties, and sounds very stressful.  I cannot laugh and say it was a breeze, because I will admit I was stressing.  At the end of the day though, I realized being the producer was not that bad.  I went through the day relaxed so that I would not mess something up.  The news aired at 3 PM and I was proud.  The newscast had plenty of content including, graphics, VO-SOTS, and a package or two.  Everyone did their part and they did well.

The most stressful part of the job was the hour before the newscast went live.  I met with the director of the show, who found a few errors in the run-down.  One error was my bad, as I had not yet done one last thing.  Luckily since he caught I fixed it real quick.  Here at LUTV, the newsroom is in a separate building than the studio.  Which means the way our servers are connected is important.  Before the newscast can go on successfully, everything has to be in correct folders and sent over properly.  The director had found two graphics that were coming up as a black hole over in the studio.  This was an aggravation for me, because as he explained, those who made the graphics earlier, did not save an image to both of the proper folders.  As he was spitting many comments in my ear, I couldn’t even take notes on what needed to be fixed, I had to have them fixed.  The best part about it though, was that there were a few other students still here that helped me fix those last-minute errors.

Float like a boat

In the previous weeks all my work has always made it to airspeed last-minute.  On Monday while I produced, I had to float two stories.  I hated to do it, but both stories were nowhere near ready for air.  Neither reported did not care that their story was being floated, they both had told me to do it.


Monday went well, Producing is not the career I’m shooting for, but it’s not something I would ever say no to.  For the most part my entire semester has been going well.  Nobody understands when I try to tell them I do not actually go to class, instead I come to work at 9:30 AM.  Either I have a story to work on, something to write, go shoot for something.  Anything and everything I need to do to help the newscast be ready and go live at 3 PM, I will do. The down fall to this semester is that I lose track of days, and sometimes weekends.  They say time flies when you’re having fun, well, in grown-up world, time flies when you’re working hard.

You probably have not been watching our newscast, which is fine, but if you are interested, we air live Monday’s and Wednesdays at 3 PM.  If you are reading this from somewhere not considered local, we stream online.  Please feel free to check us out!  Also stories that went on air can be found on our YouTube channel.

package from March 2, 2015 3 PM Newscast

Going to the Boys and Girls club of greater St. Louis was a treat.  Although I had to go on a Friday, it was cool to meet people who work towards a better community, and enjoy doing it.  While I was there, the communications director had told me she went to Mizzou.  Her original goal was to be a meteorologist. 

package from March 16, 2015 3 PM Newscast

Working on a Saturday is never fun…

However getting footage of the St. Patrick’s Day was a blast!  Even though I had to travel downtown by myself, and carry a bulky camera bag, I enjoyed the events. The day this package aired, I was scared that it would not go through.  Avid had worked with me all day, meaning it actually was working correctly.  Avid just stopped working an hour before our newscast.

The newscast aired at 3, I was still in the newsroom trying to send it off.  I had gotten so panicked that I left my story to someone else in the room and told them to make sure it was sent over.  I got to the studio at 3:07 that day, my package aired at 3:20.  Craziest work day yet.   

The best part of my semester, is this is only part of my journey.  I keep meeting people with advice, I listen to their stories.  Each story, every interview, and every idea is just a piece of the bigger picture.  I am just a student, every mistake is another lesson.   


Snap Chat feed!


Anchor Joe Fritz along with Co-anchor Susie Evans


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