Attitude in the studio!

Lose the ‘tude dude!

LUTV Blog Log #5

The last blog posted you’ll see the story I have been working on since last week.  The donation was made over the weekend of Easter.  Of course, I was not able to get to the story until late last week.  Hence the fact that it finally aired on Monday.  Story below

My hair in this video is crazy, and I had just finished styling it.

Guys im really tired.  On my way to class the other morning I stopped in the coffee shop, and overheard maybe five conversations.  Each went the same, “Im really stressed”.  On Wednesday I came into the newsroom planning to write my story for our website, but I came to find out I had mis-pronounced a name in the story and had to re-shoot the package.  Talk about a stressful morning.

I sat down and asked, why can I not find my story online, is it not online yet?  Then I was quickly put down with, my wrong pronunciation was an embarrassment to the station.  Ok, Cool.  I feel now, that my work was late and crappy.

Even though the event was stressful, and my package does not look the way I wanted it to, I am thankful my directors caught my mistake and allowed me to correct it.

Actually I’m just kidding, I wish the mistake would have been caught early Monday so I could have fixed it much quicker.

Also this mistake has taught me to follow-up with sources better.  To fix things like this for myself, I should prepare myself.  A simple call to the company before ever shooting any footage may have prevented a painful headache.

Im such a perfectionist, but I love help.  Here recently I have been getting antsy about people setting up my shots for me.  I just worry that they’re screwing it up and really don’t know what they’re doing.  I would rather I set the camera up wrong.

My work from this semester, has to be perfect.  I feel that my future depends on this work I am doing.

ripping my hair out

This semester, like any semester is exhausting.  Im just trying to figure out where I am going to live and intern at for the summer, while needing to shoot, write, and edit a story or VO-SOT every week.  On top of that I have other classes that are demanding homework, quizzes, and tests.

I tweeted earlier,

I am a woman who wears many hats, I am a strong woman.

I just feel that sometimes you have to motivate yourself, and inspire yourself.  You are your biggest enemy, but sometimes, you need to be friendlier to yourself.

One Packed Bag

To wrap things up, be looking out for an interview on Mondays newscast I shot today.  A lady named Linda Bentley, is writing a book titled “One Packed Bag”.  Her website here.  Bentley is from Australia, she came to america for 50 weeks, to visit all 50 states, carrying only one bag.  Today she came to LU to share some of her experience and answer questions.  She listed St. Charles as one of her favorite towns.  Very great presentation, and awesome woman to interview.

Will later post the interview! Check back!

Also leave a comment, tell me what you think, how you think I could improve, or what I should do differently.


Pretty on fleek!


Ms. serious lead anchor on Monday!


Wednesday’s newscast


Devin was beyond happy when the director yelled that’s a wrap. Devin had his suit off in a minute.


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