School of Science Receive’s large Donation from Local Company

School of Science at Lindenwood University Received a large Donation from Sigma-Aldrich. 

Written from LUTV story for Lindenlink.

By Katie Easter

A $576,000.00 donation in equipment and chemicals has come to Lindenwood’s School of Science.
Chad Welsh, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, wrote to Sigma-Aldrich asking if they would donate old equipment and unwanted chemicals to the university.
The large donation will benefit the School of Science and students in a variety of ways.

“Sigma-Aldrich’s generous donation will allow for greater diversity of labs and enrich students in many areas of study, from cell signaling to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy,” said Welsh. “These resources will help boost the rate of learning at Lindenwood University, and as we create programs to partner with local consortiums and high schools, the community will also benefit from the inventory.”

In return of the donation, a lab will be renamed.  Jessica Gatewood, director of corporate relations for Lindenwood said,  “In appreciation of the generous gift, Lindenwood will rename the biology research lab in Young Hall after Sigma-Aldrich, we are thrilled about the meaningful and long-term impact Sigma-Aldrich’s donation will have in enhancing students and educators in the labs.”

The donation from Sigma-Aldrich  will not only be benefiting Lindenwood students, the donation will also benefit the community, Ricardo Delgado, the dean of science, told us how they plan to share the wealth.

“So were looking at donating some of the materials to those high schools so that those students could really learn how to use the materials that we use at the college level in their classrooms,” said Delgado.

Lindenwood University offers early college start courses at many high schools in the area.  Some of the highs schools are not able to afford materials.

The equipment and chemicals came from labs that are being shut down.  Sigma-Aldrich would normally have to dispose of  the products at a costly price.  A biology student, Gabriel Romero,  recalled a time when new equipment would have been handy during a lab.

“We had these spectrometers we were supposed to use, we had six of them, but only two actually worked so we spent half the class taking turns trying to make these old spectrometers work,” said Romero.

The department has already received many chemicals.  Jennifer Firestine expressed who uses the materials.

“We have chemicals available now for use all the way through concepts, all the way through senior level chemistry classes for research for lots of different things that we weren’t able to do in the past,” said Firestine

Lab fees will stay the same for students, but the donation will allow the school of science to use the money on other necessary equipment.

Sigma-Aldrich operates in 37 countries with a corporate headquarters in St. Louis.  They manufacture and distribute chemicals, bio chemicals and other essential products for research.


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