I can smell the finals being printed 



We come In Monday to see written on the board “only 6 newscast left! #startpanicking”   All I can think is where did this semester go! Weeks have went by and I am always busy. I feel bad for everyone that I love because I feel like I haven’t been paying any attention to them. I have had to cancel plans because of things I needed to record edit or write.

I did love this semester though. I felt like I knew a lot of what we learned but it was great experience.  After each thing I would shoot, write, or edit, I would be given feedback.  The feedback wasn’t always positive but it did really help.  We all need to hear what we can do better for next time.  When I would go back into the field I would remember the criticism and make the changes to my work.  I believe I have personally improved over this semester.

I only have two more weeks left, but work to do during each of those.  I wish that I could say I was pretty much finished and ready to wrap up the semester, but unfortunately, I have to complete more footage.  These last two weeks are going to fly by quicker than the entire semester im sure.

lessons learned

Over the last semester I have learned a few new things.  I learned to always plan interviews, packages, and field work ahead of time.  I have learned to come to class with everything you need so that you can jump right into writing and editing.  I actually have found this semester that writing scripts before class makes your life way easier and not as stressful.  Often times I found myself in the lab listening and writing my scripts before the day of the newscast my footage was airing on.

Hopefully the connections I made will help me with my future.  For the summer I plan to work an internship and make more connections along with getting the experience I need to land a job.

The last two weeks have been pretty packed with trying to plan out what I need to get done.  I have worked on I believe two packages, and two VO-SOTs.  I may still need another package, and another VO-SOT.  Honestly the rest of the work I kind of have been barely getting to because I have spent so much time getting the packages out-of-the-way.

the past week

On Wednesday I had a VO-SOT about the Greater St. Louis book fair and a package about Fort Zumwalt School district.  Both of these got done in one day, which I ill say I am very proud of myself.  The package was finalized by 2:30 and was sent over by 2:45.  The VO-SOT was completely last-minute, and I am still shocked that it made it.  I didn’t get to actually start editing the VO-SOT until 2:50.  The VO-SOT made it online to airspeed two minutes before they aired the story.  It was such a relief to watch my work make it on, look good, and air.  Except Wednesdays newscast had a few complications.  The deko drive was screwing up, and we could not have dekos in our stories.  This made the newscast look very plain.  The no graphics actually sadden me a little bit, because I had a lot of important people with titles in my stories.  I also had a lot of graphics that I had to make for the stories.  Our instructors gave us options on what to with the situation one of which was reboot the system for twenty minutes, which meant nothing could take place.  I tried not to make a big deal of it, but I did.  I knew I had a lot to work on, and I didn’t want to stop working on my stories for the day, I knew with the delay on the system my stories would never have made it.


Flight Delayed

I was actually delaying this blog post because I wanted to share my package, however since the deko problem nobodies packages are uploaded online.  They are working on adding in dekos to the packages now, hopefully I will be able to post my package online later.  Apologies for the delay.



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