Fort Zumwalt School Board Makes Tough Decision

Fort Zumwalt School Board had to decide whether or not to give teachers a raise, and hire more teachers, without the increase in revenue from the county.

April 27, 2015

St. Charles County

Teachers in the Fort Zumwalt School District will be receiving a 2.73%  raise starting in July.  Even after the recent tax proposition, failed.

The original tax proposition was to increase property tax by 48 cents per $100 in the area.  The district would have used the money to hire up to 35 new teachers in different areas.  One area would have been in the technology field.

The board also voted to add 19 teachers throughout the district, 15 of those teachers will be added to the special education department because of federal requirements dealing with caseloads.

Renee Porter was the only board member out of 7 to have voted no to hiring new teachers.  Porter said she wanted to know more about the funding for the teachers,  ”Without the tax increases, I would have like to seen a little more information of how were going to pay for those positions.” said Renee Porter.

Porter added,”I would have very much liked to see the tax increase to have passed.  it would have put us more on a level ground with the other districts, and then we would have operating revenue to hire positions that we need and continue to improve the district.”

One voter in the community, Amanda Thomason said, “Any opportunity to give a teacher an increase in salary is worthwhile, a teacher is definitely to give a teacher the most underpaid professions out there, any slight increase is worth it.”

Since the tax increase was denied, the district will have to find money in other places.  The Superintendent, Bernard Dubray explained how they will afford the new positions, “We reduced some of the positions, including supporting staff.   New teachers will allow us to add students, and some to come back into the district.”

The Fort Zumwalt School Board will try to inform the public better  in the future.  The tax proposition will appear again on a ballot

The Tax Proposition is not the only item the school district put on the ballot. Fort Zumwalt school district asked for a $25 million bond issue for maintenance and repairs.  The bond issue passed.

The salary increase and employment of new teachers will take place July 15.  The Fort Zumwalt School District Board meets the third Monday of each month in the district building on E. Terra Lane.


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