Lindenwood Construction Update

Chicken in the Cafeteria

While students have time away from campus this summer, renovations of the Spellmann cafeteria, Evans cafeteria, and Library are almost complete.

Before the end of the spring semester in 2016, anouncements were made that Chic-fil-a, Q-Doba, and Caribou Coffee were coming to campus.  It was also announced that a new library would be built.  Basil Onyia, a current student is looking forward to the new library.  Onyia said, “This new library will be 24/7, which is good for students who want to study later.  Also this library will be more online based, so it will have more resources.”

Lindenwood University before the new library, offered two places for students to study, Spellmann, and the library.  Spellmann lab closes at midnight, and the current library, Butler Library, closes at 2am.

Onyia said,”I usually stay up late studying, and I don’t like studying in my room, because there are too many distractions and I end up falling asleep.”

With the new library students will be able to study in a quiet environment at any time.

Besides for new studying hours, students are also coming to new food.  Doug Sanford, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Pedestal Foods,  said,”We felt it was necessary to see what the students wanted.  We sent out one survey to find out what students wanted, the students wanted brands, so then we sent out another survey to ask what brands.  Chic-fil-a was a common answer.”

Sanford also said,” Planning started in the Fall, and construction started in May.”

Spellmann cafeteria is where the new retail food brands will be located.  Evans was previously set up as a retail style cafeteria, however as Sanford explains, ” What you had in Spellmann was an all you care eat, were swapping them.  Its the size of the location and the availability to the students. It was felt that this [Spellmann] is more conducive to a retail environment than Evans.”

The fall semester of 2016 starts August 22, renovations of both cafeterias will be complete.


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