In a timely matter

And here comes the over-thinker anxiety side of me…
If you could find the time for me.
If you could cheer me on.
If you could care about what I’m doing.

I will not sit here and compare what you do for me, to what I do for you.
I will sit here and wish there was more of an effort from your side.
When you are with someone, it means a lot when they support you in a sport, or job. I may not compete or train everyday living my life as a sport. Though I do live my life working towards my future career. For some reason it feels good seeing your baby in the side lines cheering right? You can do that too.
The worst part is, I have this feeling when you haven’t been around me that I all I want to do is be around you. If you don’t feel the same way, then I guess my absence hasn’t been long enough.

Oh she’s just writing that and feeling like that because she’s hormonal. I feel like I get emotional at my period because all these feelings and thoughts build up over the month. Then when my period comes they just explode out.
as a mouse🐢
I will sit here and be quiet. I will line my lips and keep them shut. Just remember, I am here for you. That was me in the stands cheering your name as you went thinking you were doing terribly bad.

Do I have a different idea of what a relationship is?



The sound of familiarity in any place

Coming from the southeast of missouri, city life wasn’t an everyday thing. This Sunday evening went from doing homework to going sledding. Who knew a park in the city on a snowy night could be so fun.
I’ve visited art hill before, only during the summer days.
Tonight’s experince went differently than I expected. Art hill is a steep hill, which may be why it’s such a popular attraction on snow days. With a huge smile on my face, i caught air as I went. As I got to the bottom I couldn’t stop myself, and I didn’t want to roll off. So crunchy iced over hail bail caught me before I entered into dangerous pond territory. My laughter and excitement filled the cold crisp air, until I noticed something. The sound of laughter, joy, and the fountain as it continued to run.

The sound caught me, as I layed there from my crash. I closed my eyes, I was brought back to another scene. A scene I am much more familiar with, a scene that was a much simpler time.

Laying out on the warm granite rock at johns in shut ins, I could hear children laughing, people talking, and the peaceful water running through the rocks. It was the first time him and I hung out. Going to John in shut ins was my idea of course, and he went along with it. We were only friends at the time but before we left, he asked me to lay out on the rock with him. We laid there in the peacefulness as we felt the warm sun against our skin. My head was on his chest. Little did I know, that would not be the last time.

I’m used to the country sky. I never expected the sky to appear so beautiful tonight. Forest Park’s sky had a three-quarter moon set high in a pinkish gray cloudy field, around it were little stars trying to find its way to the viewers. These little stars may be the same stars as home, but they don’t want to be as noticed. Each little star had a very faint twinkle to it. The planes flying in to the airport had brighter landing lights than the stars.
The city isn’t like being home, but it’s something. A snow covered Art hill on March 1st was my way of making the best of what I am given. Although I enjoy soaking up the Rays on a granite rock, my first night of March, was a night to remember, the same way I’ll always remember that warm July.




For those who do not know, I am currently enrolled in the “super semester”.  Many think I mean I am taking 24 credit hours, which is false.  Communication students, especially those emphasizing in film or broadcast, must take super semester.  Monday and Wednesday’s we work 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to produce a newscast.  On Friday’s we meet to discuss what happened that week.   I say work, because for me, this will be my work.

And it begins…

Three weeks into my super semester here at Lindenwood University, and oddly enough i’m excited for the stress.  The first two weeks we were trained to do everything, news related.  This includes shooting packages, editing them, writing the news, and editing VO’s and SOT’s.   Therefore, this week, everything began.  We came in Monday morning and everyone got busy quick.  For me, I was just an extra on Monday.  It was quite nice, because I observed everyone else and even helped some.  Monday was a great time for me to begin thinking of what I wanted to do a package on for next week.


Even though it may seem as if I had a relaxing day, I did not.  I helped another girl shoot her video for weather.  The hardest part about it, was keeping warm.  It was so cold outside, so naturally we wanted to rush through the shots; however we wanted to practice and get good shots, so we took our time.  In the end, she got some pretty shots of the river, but afterwards I could not warm back up.

On Wednesday’s, we wear pink.

Wednesday was probably the best day this week, so far.  I was in charge of getting a VO or a SOT for the newscast.  This week, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy and will close 1,748 stores.  30 of which are here in St. Louis.  For my SOT I thought it would be awesome to get footage of a store, and interview an employee that will be losing their job.  Unfortunately, for me, the manager at a St. Charles location told me that employees are not allowed to comment on the situation.  For some reason, being turned down for an interview excited me.  As a reporter in the making, I understand that getting the story can sometimes be difficult.  To already experience this, it makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere.   My SOT idea quickly became a VO.  Getting footage of the stores was not as bad as I thought it would be.   I was very thankful for a classmate coming along and helping me.  Overall, I was proud of how the shots actually turned out.  Camera work and editing are not my specialty.  I took enough shots that some of them the color was off.  As I think about it, I get worried that next time the shots will not be a good and ill mess something up.  That reminds me, earlier this week #AdviceForYoungJournalist was trending on twitter.   ESPN Kevin Negandhi tweeted “You’re never as good as you think.  You are never as bad as you feel.  Your perception is not reality.”  Reading that really hit me.  Every time I get on a camera, i feel like all my shots will suck.  As this semester goes on, I will continue doing what I was taught and will learn from my mistakes.



Sitting on set of Wednesday newscast.


My VO of RadioShack, live on air. The coolest feeling is watching what you did on air, it’s even better than seeing you’re fifth grade clay project on your mothers kitchen counter.


Devin and Miranda as the anchors. This was Devin’s second time, as it was Miranda’s first.

Snapchat and censorship; a new media source

The app, Snap Chat, had a recent but major update. Many users are aware of the changes made. The new update features “Discover”, the feature is for media sources to post stories. Users are able to see the updated stories right from the app; sources include CNN, Yahoo, and many more.
David Uberti wrote, “Snapchat ventures into news territory”, for Columbia Journalism Review. In his article, he points out that Snapchat is geared towards a younger audience. The young crowd has been using Snapchat as a quick messaging app. Media sources along with Snapchat, are hoping that the young users will scroll over to see stories every day. For media sources, this could be a good way to hit the young audience.
Future journalist are already in the loop. Journalist students may use Snapchat’s new feature. However, for future journalist, this just means the media we are learning to work in is changing faster than we thought.

Online Censorship

We’re all familiar with the bleeps on movies and songs that come on the radio. What we may not be aware about is the censorship current journalist are experiencing.
Catherine Stupp wrote,”How reporters are experiencing censorship on social media”, for Columbia Journalism Review. Stupp reports that reporters in Turkey and Russia were asked to remove tweets from their Twitter feed. Reporters have been trying to get their stories out to their viewers, as quickly as possible, and like Snapchat, Twitter is a great source. The reporters have had complaints from Twitter asking that they had to be removed. Some of the journalist remove the tweets as twitter ask, even though their tweets are factually accurate.

In both Turkey and Russia, there have been accounts that were leaking government documents. They were taken down, however every time one account goes down, another comes up.

Both articles are a good read for journalism students. It’s important that we students understand we will run into problems in the future. The new “Discover” is a great way for media sources to target the younger audience. Future journalist need to understand how to connect with the younger audience. Snapchat new “Discover” feature may not be a problem, or appear as a problem, however, government trying to run journalist will be.

Stupp writes in her article, that by the government controlling what is posted on social media, affects a journalist freedom to write. Stupp and other journalist fear that we will lose freedom of social media. Since the government has successfully made tweets get deleted, there is a fear that they will also put a ban on social media altogether.
The Turkey government requesting that tweets be removed, reminds me of the Watergate case. The government didn’t want the story reported and they tried blocking the reporters from the story.

Future journalist must be aware of articles as these, they can prepare for what lies ahead. Issues with the government control will reoccur, as will new media sources.

Super semester update
Although both articles are current, they do not line up with how my super semester class is going, the way you would think they are. Both articles made me realize how hard it may be to get the news I need for stories, along with the importance of current news.

This was my last week of training for the semester, therefore i practiced putting together a package. Since it was for practice, the content may have been lacking, but I just needed a refresher on how to piece it together, and write it in Inews.


Even though taken last year, and was before the twitter censorship, this was a protest regarding Turkey controlling the media. I could go on for quite a while about how i feel, but I won’t. It’s very important for future journalist to understand what we’re walking into. This field was created so that the people could know what was happening with their government and area. Now the government wants to keep everything private. As shown in this video, journalist will continue to report stories that their viewers need to know about.

Although the embed code was not working, above is a semi-humorous video showing Snapchat’s new “Discover”. As I had discussed earlier, Snapchat is trying to target teenagers. Other media sources such as Vogue opted out of joining the “Discover”, because the revenue is shared therefore making the streaming costly. Most sources are thinking it won’t be worth it in the end.

for Starters…

To begin my blogging experience, I must have a true about me page.  So where should I begin?

WARNING: Im the most social anti-social person you’ll ever meet.  You’ll figure out what I mean soon enough.

Maybe that im 20 but celebrating my 21st in April.  Or maybe that im from Farmington, a town in the South Eastern part of Missouri.  Something fun about my town, is that I was part of the last class to have graduated with cows outside of he high school.   From the high school windows you could see an old barn and cows grazing all day.  The field was literally across the street.  Those cows have been sold or moved on so that the city could have more apartment buildings.  

Enough about cows, but staying on the high school subject, that’s where I want to say my career begin.  Of course my career hasn’t even stated, so that’s where my broadcast journalism studies began.

Since graduation I attended a community college, after two years transferred in to Lindenwood University.  Currently I am enrolled in what they call super semester.  Other students and I arrive into class at 9:30 where all day we will spend gathering information for the news that goes live at 3pm.

I am truly excited for this semester as im actually very anxious to get out into the field and actually do this stuff everyday.

Other quick information, in 2014 I started teaching swim lessons for USA swim america, and with them I also train.  This year will be my first year as a competitive swimmer.  I may swim slow now, but by June I shave time off of my events.  Also this is only my second semester at LU.  I will write blogs as much as possible keeping you updated on how my stress and awesome semester is going.

Sorry for the long blog.  I just can’t quit typing once my thoughts flow out.

Something that annoys me… when somebody’s iPhone goes off and it’s not mine.